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IT's4Biz has just  reached it's 10th anniversary of providing IT support to SME's in Wales!
IT Director Sean  Laver-Vincent was delighted with the progress so far, with several projects already successfully completed.  

We we pleased to win a contract to supply and are currently providing infrastructure support to exeGesIS, a prominent force in mapping software and services.

We are delighted to have been picked by Welsh Assembly member William Powell to provide IT support for his constituency team.            We look forward to providing high quality, responsive service to his team for some considerable time.

    We wish Talgarth Mill every success, following their grand opening and BBC 1 Village SOS show on 10th August 2011. We are             proud to have provided them with IT support, website hosting and IT Infrastructure for their impressive  project.

    The Education Department of the Pharmacy Practice Unit, an NHS Norfolk department, has engaged us to replace their server.
    This is an ageing Windows 2003 server, which was installed by us in 2006.  
    We have been providing IT support services to the department for almost eight years now and Maria Christou is happy to be contacted         by prospective clients.
    We were amazed to receive a telephone call allegedly from Microsoft advising us that we had an infected computer.
    The caller told us that our PC was sending out infected messages onto the internet!
    Unfortunately for them, we are partnered with Microsoft, McAfee, Norton / Symantec and F-Secure as well as being Computer Security         Specialists, confident that our computers were clean.  In short, this was a scam.  They wanted us to check if a file existed in the               windows/system32 folder, which it did.
    It was a legitimate file, which they told us was a trojan.  They then tried to get us to download a file from the internet.
    This file certainly would have been a trojan, which would have allowed them full remote access to our system whenever they wanted.
    We did not download it.  After talking for some length, our  IT Director advised them that we were an IT Support company.
    He told them we are also a Microsoft Security Group member and Partner.  When asked if his mother knew what he did for work -
    attempting to extort money from innocent computer users, the caller mumbled an apology and hung up!






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